Thomas Ueberschlag

Thomas Ueberschlag was born in 1974 in Saint-Louis, France. He first began with painting in 1985 and creating websites in 2004.

When he started with photography in 2009 it was without influence from magazines, blogs or other imagery. He was from a small town and he didn't know any photographers. It helped him to develop his own style entirely.

Backstage pictures in several movies or album cover for musician were his first jobs.
Next to that he like a kind of storytelling and did e.g. the "Arsène Lupin vs Sherlock Holmes" or the "Pin-up".
The passion to meet other artits like hairdresser, make-up artists, other photographer to collaborate started at that time and never ended because he grew up the "Tour de France Photo" association in 2011 where serveral hunderd of artists participate every year.


Live from the Tour de France Photo 2012


email: thomas.ueberschlag [at]
phone:  +33 6 28 22 39 09
siret : 51345737400017

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